Welcome to MoChic.


MoChic was created and founded by Lily Yang, a lady focused on fashion and success.


Lily just loves cups, and believes they should be not only an exclusive artistic creation making drinking fun, but also an attractive ornamental addition to our daily lives.


Not surprisingly, she also likes to collect cups and enjoy the different and wonderful experience brought by each different design. However more recently, as the industry developed, bringing more and more “standard” designs, driving ever cheaper prices and flooding the market. Meaning too many products are no longer attractive and certainly not beautiful.


It seems that manufacturers pursue ever more volumes and sales, with each “new product” looking similar without creativity, with food safety becoming more of a saying rather than objective. Increasing production is pursuing quantity without effective quality control.


Lily was disappointed and tired of this. So to maintain her love of cups, she decided to design and produce her own.


So MoChic was born.


Being a cup enthusiast and a keen follower of the latest designs, Lily is familiar with the needs and demands of different cups for every moment. She has previously designed a series of health focused coffee cups, outdoor portable water bottles and travel thermal cups, all based on the needs of actual users and all reflecting the latest fashion and health trends. Every design is original, close to life, and unique.


Lily ensures MoChic cups are specially designed for health and fashion conscious individuals, who really value outstanding design and superior quality.


Life is precious and yet delicate. What may be a small cup can also represents our yearning for a high quality and healthy life.


So grab your MoChic cup and enjoy life with us and Lily of course.